Imber API Access


Imber API is a comprehensive toolkit designed exclusively for Discord bot developers. Packed with a wide range of endpoints and features. For just 15€, you gain lifetime access to this invaluable resource. Please note that if you engage in spamming, selling, or sharing your access to Imber API your privileges will be revoked.

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Discover the endless possibilities of Imber API, granting you exclusive lifetime access for just €15. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a unique API key, allowing you to explore an extensive array of endpoints designed to supercharge your applications.

Card Generation (PRIVATE)

  • Create personalized greetings, leaver, rank, Spotify, and welcome cards with custom parameters such as name, guild name, and more.

Fun and Entertainment (PRIVATE)

  • Generate ASCII art, decode/encode base64, access random memes and shitposts from Reddit, discover intriguing shower thoughts, and challenge yourself with random trivia questions.

Icon Customization

  • Craft unique icons with custom colors or explore our gallery of available icons.

Image Manipulation (PRIVATE)

  • Transform images with a variety of effects, from blurring and brightness adjustment to creating memes, circular images, and much more.


  • Access an assortment of random advice, cryptocurrency information, currency lists, dad jokes, dare questions, facts, inspirations, jokes, language lists, locations, never-have-i-ever questions, pickup lines, random sentences, random words, roasts, truth questions, and intriguing “Would You Rather” scenarios.

Tools and Utilities (PRIVATE)

  • Utilize Imber API’s versatile tools to generate captcha images, chat with a chatbot, check cryptocurrency prices, create images from text queries, retrieve IP address information, obtain song lyrics, monitor Rockstar Games services, capture website screenshots, perform text translation, and access location-specific weather information.