Quality without compromise.

Streamline your Discord server with a custom bot. Our development team creates bots tailored to your needs, enhancing server functionality and user experience. Learn more on this page.


We use Node.js, a popular JavaScript cross-platform runtime environment, to make our custom Discord bots. Node.js is the leading programming language for Discord bots.

Database Integration

We use the world's most popular databases MySQL and SQLite3 as our primary databases. Database setup is always included as part of our service.


Our Discord bots use intelligent caching to reduce the number of requests to the Discord API and database. Thus, we always ensure a fast response time.

Source Code

When purchasing a custom bot from us, you will get the source code without any encryption. So you can freely change the code.

Latest Features

We always use the latest Discord.js version with our bots, ensuring you with the latest Discord features available.

Bot Hosting

We will help you find adequate hosting for your bot and set it up for you. Please, note that we don't offer any bot hosting services.


If any of this sounds interesting to you, please don't hesitate to contact us through our Discord server to get a quote for your ideal Discord bot tailored to your specific requirements. Since every bot is unique, we require a detailed description to provide an accurate price and determine whether your idea is possible.